911 Relief to the Rescue

My friend Bob fell and injured the back of his foot. There was no broken skin but it left him with a burning sensation. He sprayed the area with 911 Relief, after several times the burning totally left. There have been others  testifying that 911 Relief soothed damaged nerves. Again the skin was burning; 911 Relief stopped the burning sensation. Check out this mavelous product at 911relief1staidspray.com.

Burn Blister

One of my faithful customers burned her hand with a coffee pot. She immediately got a blister. She sprayed the blister with 911 Relief. The next morning the blister was gone. Too good to be true? It works like none other. Order your bottle of 911 Relief at 911relief1staidspray.com. You will be one of the thousands who use this wonderful burn pain relief. Read my other blogs for the many uses of 911 Relief.

Windburn and Sunburn

911 Relief

For instant relief spray your sunburn with 911 Relief. It will sooth the burn and keep you from blistering. Take it along with you on your outings! Camping, fishing, golfing, hunting, biking, any outdoor event. It is easy to use and easy to carry. It is a first aid kit all rolled up into one bottle. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! Safe for your children and pets.

Kills all bacteria within 1 minute. Spray on surfaces or your hands to be germ free!

911 Relief to the Rescue

My baby was stung by a bee or wasp by her eye. She was swollen with a large knot by her eye. After using 911 Relief on the area the swelling went down and the redness left too. Thank goodness for this little miracle bottle of 911 Relief!

911 Relief For an Anti Bacterial Spray

911 Relief  works on cuts, scraps, burns, bug bites. 911 Relief stops pain from burns, insect bites, and rashes. It is a first aid kit in a bottle. 911 Relief eliminates all other first aid supplies saving you money. Stops painful sunburn!

911 Relief to the Rescue

Last Tuesday I had surgery. No one can tell  me what happened but I got two blisters on the inside of my upper lip.  I suffered with them for two days. I actually did not know what was wrong until I looked in my mouth. I got out my 911 Relief spray and began to use it. I sprayed the inside of my lip several times. To my surprise the blister just started to disappear. After two more days it was gone. I did not have to break the blister it just went away without the pain of a broken blister. Check out 911relief1staidspray.com

911 Relief for Shingles and Psoriasis

911 Relief relieves the symptoms from

Shingles and Psoriasis!

Try it for any skin irritation! It soothes and relieves symptoms.

911 Relief is a first aid kit in a bottle. It is easy to use and easy to carry. It is safe for both people and pets. It conditions and soothes skin from any irritation. Take it on a camping trip. It takes up very little space and is easy to use for any first aid emergency!

911 Relief Relieves Sumac

Leaves of three let them be…

But if you happen to get in them you will need help with the rash that follows.

Poison ivy is a harmful vine or shrub in the cashew family. It grows plentifully in parts of the United States and southern Canada. Poison ivy usually grows as a vine twining on tree trunks or straggling over the ground. But the plant often forms upright bushes if it has no support to climb upon. Species related to poison ivy include poison oak, which grows in the Pacific Northwest and nearby regions of Canada, and poison sumac, which grows in the Eastern United States. Poison oak and poison sumac both are shrubs. The tissues of all these plants contain a poisonous oil somewhat like carbolic acid. This oil is extremely irritating to the skin. It may be brushed onto the clothing or skin of people coming in contact with the plants. Many people have been poisoned merely by taking off their shoes after walking through poison ivy. People can get poisoned from other people, but only if the oil remains on their skin. The eruptions themselves are not a source of infection. Appearance – the leaves of poison ivy are red in early spring. Later in spring, they change to shiny green. They turn yellow, red or orange in autumn. Each leaf is made up of three leaflets more or less notched at the edges. Two of the leaflets form a pair on opposite sides of the leafstalk, while the third stands by itself at the tip of the leafstalk. Small greenish flowers grow in bunches attached to the main stem close to where each leaf joins it. Later in the season, clusters of poisonous, berry-like drupes form. They are whitish, with a waxy look.

911 Relief soothes the itch and relieves the pain. After spraying, the skin goes back to its natural ph balance. Continue to spray the area until it goes away.


Summer is here!

Get your maximum protection from sunburn!

911 Relief

is easy to carry and relieves sunburn and will keep you from blistering!

Get yours now!

911 Relief For All Your first aid EMERGIENCES!

911 Relief For All Your first aid EMERGIENCES!


911 Relief is great to kill the dangerous germs around you! Especially in

public! 911 Relief stops staph infection!