I was attacked with shingles on my head which resulted in Bell’s Palsy. What a nightmare! Thank God for 911 relief which helped to control the pain and heal the soars from shingles. I’m not sure I would have survived without it!

911 relief to the rescue again. Thanks to a great neighbor, 911 relief rescued a dear man who was suffering from Shingles. Two bottles were shipped today to another satisfied new customer.

Don’s Shingles

Don’s Shingles are drying up after just a little over a week thanks to 911 relief and essential pain oil. He has has a stressful week because his wife Cuba broke her hip a week ago today. We are so thankful for homeopathic methods of healing!

911 relief for step throat

I just sold a case of 911 relief to a lady in White Deer. Her family has strep so she is desperate. 911 relief works on strep throat. Just spray the back of the throat and the bacterial goes. She has been a customer for 10 years.

911 relief is safe for pets

911 relief is safe to use on your pets for any skin irritation. It will help itcing due to grass allergies. Clean your animals ears to help eliminate infections.


Summer’s daughter has psoriasis. She just graduated from high school and is now in college! Congratulations! After using 911 relief she is able to get through the day without clawing herself. 911 relief comes to the rescue again!


I just noticed the last time I posted before today was 2010. Wow how time flies!

The point is, 911 relief is still as great today as it was then. We have clients all over the US. Repeat business is on the rise! Pharmacies, schools, businesses are using 911 relief for first aid treatment and prevention of staph infections. Have a blessed day and stay safe!

Don’s Shingles

We discovered a couple days ago that Don has Shingles. After using 911 relief the blisters have disappeared. As it progresses each day we are checking for more affected areas as it continues to circle his body. 911 relief will help him to recover without the excruciating pain and eliminate the blisters. No one should be without this great first aid treatment!

911 relief to the rescue again!

Summer’s daughter is going to college! Congratulations! She is plagued with psoriasis. After using 911 relief she is able to get through the day in comfort and not having to claw herself. She is grateful to not be distracted with the annoying itching!

Bee Sting

911 Relief to the rescue once again.

Here is a testimony.

My 15mo daughter got a bite/sting on her head that developed a red welt under it the size of a half-dollar. After about 2 days, I sprayed it with 911 Relief, then again a few hours later. The welt was gone before dinner and the bite healed quickly afterwords. Krista

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